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  1. HapPy[; x]

    [Model] Cerere Slot

    NickName: Varsta: Orele Jucate: Alte Precizari:
  2. HapPy[; x]

    [Model] Cerere Admin

    NickName: Varsta: Experienta Adminat: Admin Zi/Noapte: Ore Jucate: Alte Precizari: Reguli: -Ca titlu Va fi ..[Cerere Admin Nume] -Mimin 14 Ani.
  3. HapPy[; x]

    Cerere DNS

    IP: Modul:CSGO remake Host: hzone DNS dorit: CSGO,EUROCS.Ro Link direct catre pagina de statistici: https://servere-cs.freakz.ro/cs_server- Moderatori/Manageri doriti pe categorie:HapPy[;x] & rPx Aplica in clan pe Gametracker.com (Dovada)nu l-am adaugat
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