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  1. skedaddle

    [ACL] Cerere Admin Pff. daDUK3

    Salut, daca vrei admin, trebuie sa joci cu Steam.
  2. skedaddle

    Banlist Skeddadle

    03/05/2020 Eman ( alt alias : skybar ) STEAM_1:0:683657359 / Motiv ban : wall Demo : on request / recorded
  3. skedaddle

    tobayashi - unban !

    Pro unban, i watched him many times, but nothing fishy. good player !
  4. skedaddle

    [ACL] Cerere Admin Jeff.

    Acceptat. Lasa-mi PM cu user si parola.
  5. skedaddle

    Cerere Admin: l.3m.legend

    Acceptat. Lasa-mi PM cu user si parola. Merci ( PS : citeste regulamentul )
  6. skedaddle

    Cerere Admin Alexander

    Acceptat. Lasa-mi PM cu user si parola. merci . TC.
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