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  1. tobayashi

    tobayashi - unban !

    Have you watched my game and what did you see? That I check every corner / angle? Dude, I'm not a professional player because CS is ONLY my hobby, and I have been playing this game since beta 0.6 from 1999. sometimes shorter breaks, sometimes longer. I came back to the game, I play very well on your server, there are many players / slots, a large variety of maps. Who plays better than most players must immediately cheat? I'm too old to play with cheats launched.
  2. tobayashi

    tobayashi - unban !

    403 Forbidden nginx Different hosting ?
  3. tobayashi

    tobayashi - unban !

    Nick: tobayashi Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:541495475
  4. tobayashi

    Banlist Alexander

  5. tobayashi

    tobayashi - unban !

    Hello, today I received a permanent ban - wallhack. I have uploaded screenshots on request several times. Nothing was ever detected. For the curiosity I will add that I play without sound (background music). I play much better with sound Provide proof of use of WH or unban me.
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