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Adminul reclamat:  AcL*[email protected] 

Data: 28.05.2019

Ora aproximativa: 18.30

Harta : de_inferno2se

* Dovezi :The админ asked me for a photo on the site zipshare.com.I tried to go to the site,but transfer me to another site.

I uploaded the photo to https://imgur.com/a/9JzKfV4  I gave the link and tried to explain that i can not get in ziphare. And I got it ban.I do not understand,admin got the picture though on another site and.If I could get in zipshare I would give her there, it does not matter to me.

This is from the console:

(PLAYER) Old fox :   https://imgur.com/a/9JzKfV4
(PLAYER) Old fox :   https://imgur.com/a/9JzKfV4
(PLAYER) Old fox :   https://imgur.com/a/9JzKfV4
*SPEC* AcL*[email protected] :  credeam ca vom rezista

*DEAD* frAg :  acuma suntem 22

*SPEC* AcL*[email protected] :  old fox

00 dropped
*DEAD* frAg : 🙂

~WTFDude~Panda connected
~WTFDude~Panda is joining the Terrorist force
D4Ny :  dc sa schimbe ma ca suntem app full
*SPEC* AcL*[email protected] :  on zyppyshare.com

The_crow killed El Shaarawy with ak47

El Shaarawy dropped
El Shaarawy has left the game
AcL*SpecOps.Ar15 killed 7C8R4Y89 with famas
*** Panica rau. killed The Joker with a headshot from m4a1 ***
Amarr<3 killed Panica rau. with ak47
*SPEC* Old fox :  ?

Panica rau. :  re all
Welcome to AcL.EuroCS.NeT # 15 YEARS OLD -- This server is using AMX Mod X
D4Ny :  re
Miha killed D4Ny with m4a1
Amarr<3 killed _data_scitentist_on_ubuntu_19 with ak47
*SPEC* AcL*[email protected] :  re

vijay killed AcL*SpecOps.Ar15 with ak47
coutre 1.6 killed ~WTFDude~Panda with mp5navy
Deea dropped
Deea has left the game
coutre 1.6 killed I love JESUS with mp5navy
REBORN killed Miha with m4a1
*SPEC* AcL*[email protected] :  zyppyshare.com

coutre 1.6 killed iLikeCs with mp5navy
*** vijay killed AcL*sunt lemn with a headshot from ak47 ***
coutre 1.6 killed SkuLL*7 with mp5navy
vijay killed AcL*LaysuuuuuuuuuuuUUU with ak47
*SPEC* Old fox :  no opened zipshare

Amarr<3 killed sunami 1991 hahaha with ak47

*SPEC* AcL*[email protected] :  why?

*DEAD* _data_scitentist_on_ubuntu_19 :  /hp

*DEAD* D4Ny :  miha zici ca joci la sunet fata?

coutre 1.6 killed REBORN with ak47
(1)iLikeCs connected
(1)iLikeCs is joining the Counter-Terrorist force
*DEAD* D4Ny :  rupi castile in doua

AcL*[email protected] is joining the Counter-Terrorist force
*DEAD* Miha :  chiar deloc 😄

JM dropped
*SPEC* Old fox :  but no open this site

Kicked by Console: "no.ss (banned permanently)"

Kicked :"no.ss (banned permanently)

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poza la straini ? iar...  daca joaca din Uk .. multi playeri nu pot accesa zippyshare..

pro unban. .chiar daca nu stiu daca este reclamatie sau cerere unban :)) 

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Sorry dude, first of all, this a section where you can place a complain about the activity of an admin, therefore your post is not in the right section. Second, I would like to inform you that the ESL`s models are not allowed on this server as they are an extra advantage. 

Cosidering what i`ve mentioned before, if you still want to enjoy the good time on our server, delete those models, show us a proof by taking a live photo while you are playing, uploade it again on imgur, post it here and we`ll unban you. Otherwise, your ban will remain. 

Thank you for understanding and i look forward to hear good news from you. 

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